Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at
For the whole season, you are asked to sign up for:
  • 3 jobs total 
    • 3 "any" jobs within the MEET, TEAM or TIME TRIALS signups and
    • Families attending Champs B or C at the end of the season will be asked to volunteer as needed
Starter/Referee: Responsible for the start of each race and maintaining the flow of the meet. Head of all stroke and turn and finish judge officials.
Table/Computer: Responsible for using Dolphin System to download the meet and upload each race. Makes sure there are no discrepancies.
Score Table: Responsible for verifying the results are correct, recording times on meet sheet, and keeping paperwork organized. You must assist the computer people as needed.
Spirit Music: Responsible for sitting at table and playing music at the beginning of the meet, during “hot-heats” and when the timers switch from one end of pool to another.
Stroke & Turn: Responsible for monitoring each swimmers stroke and documenting on a DQ slip if the stroke is illegal. Information given to table.
Finish Judge: Determines the finish of the race for the first heat of each event only. Information given to table.
Announcer: Announces the name of the event and the heat during the meet.
Relay Take Off: Needed only for relays. Responsible for making sure there is no false start of any swimmer in the relay.
Ready Bench: Responsible for lining the kids up on the benches in preparation of their race. The coaches bring them over to the benches.
Relay/Split Timer: Responsible for recording the “split” time (or time it takes to get from one end of pool to other) of each swimmer in the relay. There are 3 people that do this job each meet.
Runner: Responsible for picking up any DQ slips from Stroke & Turn Judge, Finish Judge slips and the timer sheets after every 2 events.
Timer: Responsible for recording each swimmers time in your lane.
Back-up Timer: Must be ready to fill in for a timer during any race of the meet.
Meet Set Up: Responsible for arriving 30 minutes before arrival time to prepare pool area for meet.
Clean Up: Responsible for staying after the meet to put away the meet supplies and be the final check to make sure pool and team areas are trash free.
Security: Responsible for monitoring team area during the meet and make sure all swimmers are behaving appropriately. Must be willing to reprimand any inappropriate behavior or bring it to the attention of the coaches. Must be willing to walk around the whole time.
Team Store: Responsible for selling team items either at practices or during meets.
Snack Table: Sells food donated by the team in the pavilion area.
Donut/Pretzel: Sells pretzels and donuts at practice the day of or day after a meet from 8:45-11:00 AM.
Team Parties: Set up, monitor games and help hand out snacks. Must be there whole time.
Awards Night: Set up, pass out team gifts and clean up. Must be there whole time.
Swim-A-Thon: Set up, organize fundraiser slips/money and clean-up. Must be there whole time.