What are Time Trials?

Time Trials are typically held before the first meet. Time Trials is a mandatory event! During the time trials, each child will swim each of the events and be timed.

When are the meets?
Meets are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings through the months of June and July. The meets consist of two portions: diving and swimming.

Where are the meets held?
Home meets are held at the Towamencin Community Pool. Away meets are held at the opposing team’s pool. Directions to the away pools can be found on the TST website.

What if my child is unable to attend a meet?

Provide a note about vacations ASAP in the coaches’ box! (including champs)
Meet box – fill out card as soon as you know you will miss a meet and put in the meet box!

Weather for meets:
Meets usually run rain or shine. You should go to the facility no matter what and the team may try to wait out the storm.
If the weather turns bad and there is thunder and lightning, the coaches of the teams will make a decision to stop the meet. Parents should gather their children and proceed to your car where you will wait for a coach or official to give further instruction. If the weather clears, the meet will resume where it left off. If the weather continues to be bad, the coaches/officials will make a decision to stop the meet and reschedule at a later date.

Meet Events and Scoring:
There are 50 swimming events and 4 diving events. For dual meets and championship meets a competitor is permitted to swim in a maximum of four events including relays and diving events. A swimmer may swim up in individual and relay events; a diver may dive up an age group in individual events.

There are a possible 466 points to be won in a swim meet. 
Diving competition – 36 points - 9 points each for Jr. Girls, Jr. Boys, Sr. Girls, and Sr. Boys - 5 points for first place, 3 points for second place, and 1 point for third place
Swimming - Relays – 70 points; the winning team in a relay gets 7 points. No other points awarded. Individual events – 360 points - 5 points for first place, 3 points for second place, and 1 point for third place
Note: A team cannot sweep an event as long is there is a person from the opposite team competing. In other words, if Towamencin has three swimmers or divers finished first, second, and third in an event, but an opposing team had a member finish fourth, the other team is awarded 1 point for third place and Towamencin is awarded 8 points for first and second place. (However we do reward our swimmer who placed third with the correct ribbon in that situation.)
The first heat of an event is the official heat (the only heat where points are scored). In case of a tie, points are split (4 each for first and second place or 2 each for second and third place). The middle four lanes of the relays are the only official relays. The heats other than the first heat are called exhibition heats. These times are official times and count toward Champs and personal best times for time improvement stars.

How are time conversions done between yards and meters?
The swimming pools in our league are different lengths.  Some are 25 yards and some are 25 meters.
Fanny Chapman 25 yards
Pennridge 25 yards
Souderton 25 yards
Towamencin 25 yards
Hatfield 25 meters
Harleysville 25 meters
Lansdale 25 meters
Nor-Gwyn 25 meters
To change a yard time to meters:  Multiply 1.11 x the yard time
To change a meter time to yards:  Multiply .901 x the meter time

What do I need to send with my child to a meet?
All children should have goggles and it is very highly recommended that girls wear a swim cap. Send your swimmers to the meets with extra towels and warm clothes.  Also they need something to sit on and put their things on during a meet. Label your belongings. Please try to feed your child a nutritious meal at least one hour before warm-ups. No candy or soda should be digested before or during a meet. Carbohydrates are better.

Is there an admission fee to the meets or championships?
No. At the invitationals and championship meets, programs and event t-shirts are available for purchase.

What are the invitational meets?
Invitational meets are optional meets that are held throughout the season. These meets give children an additional opportunity to compete. The children are able to select which events they would like to compete in so it gives them a greater opportunity to try out their skills. There are entry fees for these meets. Ribbons or trophies are awarded at these meets. Information regarding the meets and the entry deadlines are posted on the team website. Coaches do not go to all meets so if this is a concern for your child, please check with the head coach to verify if a coach will be present.

What are odd-age meets?
The age groups are divided up by even numbers. Children are in their “up” year when they are the oldest in the age group and tend to have more success. Odd-age meets are where the age groups are divided up by odd numbers (e.g. 7&under, 9&under, 11&under). This gives children who are on their down year an opportunity to swim with children their own age or younger.