Team Suit - order by May 21st

Team Suits - are custom, we must order by May 21st

Tues.  & Thurs. 11-5pm 
Wed. & Fri. 11-7pm
Saturday 10-4
Sun. - Mon. closed

TST High School Practice

An optional practice for TST swimmers, open to high school and possible
8th grade swimmers looking to swim in high school, will be available again this summer.

For the 4th year in a row, Sarah Miller will hold a morning practice with assistants Anna Haggerty and Matt Schulz, every weekday from 6:30-8 am. This is open to high school swimmers who want/need an alternative practice for the summer.

This practice is also open to 8th grade swimmers who will be entering high school and are serious about swimming and their training. These practices are little more rigorous and challenging compared to our usual 7:30 am TST practices. Also, these practices are usually not as crowded, which allows for more one-on-one coaching.

**Please understand: This is not a substitute for swim lessons!!**
Swimmers who generally only swim in the summer and/or do not swim for their high school, should still practice at 7:30-9 am (their usual practice time).

Coaches - Sarah Miller, with assistants Anna Haggerty and Matt Schulz
WHEN - M-F, 6:15 - 8 am  1st day of morning practices
WHO - High school & middle school  swimmers looking to swim in high school
COST - $150 (June and July) payable to TST
Payment will be collected the first day of morning practice. Thank you! Coach Sarah
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2016 Registration is now open!

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We are pleased to offer online credit card payment this year!
Our rates are the same as last year.
If your family has only high school aged kids, we have a high school rate this year of $25 each.
Individual non-resident pool rates were reduced this year to $225.

Walk-in registration dates:
Thu. 4/28/16 (5-8pm) or Sat. 4/30/16 (9-11am)

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*New members can register online but are also asked to attend a walk-in meeting time at the Township Building to receive guidance on volunteering requirements and have questions addressed.

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